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You can find the most common label template designs and sizes below. We provide templates for a variety of label shapes and sizes. Most of our free label templates are available in 3 different formats for you to choose from: Word, PDF, and an editable Canva™ template. Each online label template is a gateway to creative labeling. Start creating now! Don’t forget to browse our fantastic selection of sheet labels and thermal labels.

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Tips on Using the Label Templates Properly:

  1. If your text is too large, it may print off-center. Consider shrinking the size until it centers properly.
  2. In your word processor, you can turn the Gridlines on and off to see the labels. In Microsoft Word, it’s as simple as clicking the ‘Layout’ tab in the top section, then ‘View Gridlines.’

Explore the Efficiency of Label Templates at Premium Label Supply

Embrace the power of label templates to transform your labeling projects. Premium Label Supply offers an extensive range of free label templates, perfect for any application. Our easy-to-use templates not only save time but allow you to customize your labels and stickers. Whether you’re a small business owner or a DIY enthusiast, our templates are designed to meet your labeling needs with precision and ease.

Simplifying Label Creation with Online Label Templates

At Premium Label Supply, our online label templates make label creation simple. Our free online label templates are helpful in creating high-quality labels quickly. Here’s how to do it:

  • Select your desired label template design from our gallery.
  • Download the label template and open it with your preferred software (Word, PDF, or Canva™).
  • Use gridlines for precise alignment and ensure appropriate text size. Please make sure you set your “Scale” to “Custom” and then set it to “100” to avoid incorrect alignment.
  • Personalize the template to your liking with text or images.
  • Print a sample to check for quality, then proceed with your final print. Our templates streamline the label creation process, saving you time and effort.

Frequently Asked Questions About Label Templates

Label templates can help to simplify your labeling needs, but you might have some questions. Here’s a handy FAQ to help you get the most out of our online label templates:

What types of printers are compatible with these templates?

Our templates work well with almost all inkjet and laser printers.

How can I personalize a template for my project?

Easily! Simply add your text, logos, or images inside of the gridlines on your template and print.

I’m facing alignment issues with my printer. What should I do?

When printing, be sure to change your “Scale” setting to “Custom” and then set it to “100”. If this still doesn’t resolve the issue, double-check your printer’s paper type and size settings, and adjust the margins in the template if necessary.

Do you provide templates for unique label shapes and sizes?

Absolutely, we have a wide range of templates for various shapes and sizes. Explore our options for Circle Labels, Oval Labels, Rectangle Labels, and Square Labels. We’ve even got a variety of material options to choose from, including florescent, brown kraft, and matte waterproof options. Start designing now!

Create Labels with Ease with Premium Label Supply Templates

Start your labeling experience with label templates from Premium Label Supply. Our blank templates are convenient and easy to use. Designed for crisp printing and easy customization, they ensure your labels stand out. Whether for business and brand needs or personal projects, our free online label templates make creating custom labels easy. Download now and see how easy it is to create labels with a label template!

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