We specialize in direct thermal labels, providing top-quality thermal label rolls for all your needs. Our thermal printer labels are carefully crafted, ensuring durability and reliability for various applications, including thermal shipping labels, inventory management, barcode labels, and more! Whether you’re seeking thermal shipping labels or direct thermal labels, our selection caters to a wide range of requirements. Benefit from our competitive wholesale pricing with bulk orders, ensuring you get the best value for your thermal printer labels. Find the perfect direct thermal label roll for your project today!

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  • 2.625″ x 1″ Direct Thermal Labels – 2000 Per Roll – 1″ Core

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  • 4″ x 3″ Direct Thermal Labels – 500 Per Roll – 1″ Core

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  • 4″ x 6″ Direct Thermal Labels – 1000 Per Roll – 3″ Core

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  • 4″ x 4″ Thermal Labels – 375 Per Roll – 1″ Core

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  • 4″ x 6″ Direct Thermal Labels – 250 Per Roll – 1″ Core

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  • 4″ x 6″ Direct Thermal Labels – 450 Per Roll – 1″ Core

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  • 2.625″ x 1″ Direct Thermal Labels – 5500 Per Roll – 3″ Core

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  • 4″ x 8″ Thermal Labels – 200 Per Roll – 1″ Core

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  • 4″ x 4″ Thermal Labels – 1500 Per Roll – 3″ Core

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  • 4″ x 8″ Thermal Labels – 750 Per Roll – 3″ Core

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  • 4″ x 3″ Direct Thermal Labels – 2000 Per Roll – 3″ Core

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When you want reliable thermal label rolls, you want Premium Label Supply. We offer direct thermal labels in a wide variety of sizes, available on 1″, 1.5″ and 3″ cores. Our direct thermal label rolls have the convenience you want, with a strong, general-purpose adhesive and perforations between each label. All our thermal labels have a top coating added for extra protection against smudging and scratching, ensuring clear prints every time.

We work hard every day to provide our customers with the best direct thermal label rolls at the best prices. With a strong permanent adhesive, you can count on our direct thermal labels to stay adhered to your packages. Just like our label sheets, our direct thermal label rolls are made with high-quality materials designed for durability and reliability.

Thermal Label Rolls
Direct Thermal Labels

A Direct Thermal Label Roll for Every Application

Premium Label Supply manufactures thermal label rolls for a broad range of applications. If you want a label that looks and works great, you can’t go wrong with our direct thermal labels.

Thermal Shipping Labels and So Much More

Thermal shipping labels may be the first application you think of when you hear direct thermal labels, but they’re great for a whole array of uses, including:

Our direct thermal labels are also ideal for retail price tagging, and patient identification in healthcare settings for point-of-sale systems. Contact us today to see how our thermal label roll offerings can meet your requirements.

Count on Premium Label Supply for All Your Direct Thermal Label Needs

No matter your order size — we have you covered.

We offer wholesale pricing on all of our in-stock and custom-sized thermal labels. Premium Label Supply specializes in bulk orders and can handle your needs, regardless of your order size. Our commitment to quality and customer service means you get the direct thermal label rolls you need when you need them. Contact us today and take advantage of everything Premium Label Supply offers.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Direct Thermal Label Rolls

Premium Label Supply proudly manufactures all its direct thermal label rolls in the United States. We’re committed to providing the best experience possible for every customer. Read the following questions to learn more about our products and services.

What Are Direct Thermal Labels?

Direct thermal labels are labels that use a chemically treated, heat-sensitive media to imprint information. No ribbon, ink or toner required.

How Do Thermal Label Rolls Work?

Thermal label rolls work by using heat to cause the image to appear directly on the heat-sensitive label.

What Are the Advantages of Using Direct Thermal Labels?

A primary advantage of direct thermal labels is the speed at which thermal printers can print labels compared to other print methods. Other benefits include sharp images that are easy to scan and low maintenance costs. Direct thermal printing offers less downtime and more uptime than different types of printing. Plus, direct thermal printers are more durable than dot matrix or laser printers.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Direct Thermal Labels?

The primary advantage of direct thermal labels is their simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Direct thermal printers are generally more affordable and compact, making them a space-saving solution. They’re also convenient for mobile applications as they don’t require additional supplies like ink, toner, or ribbons. However, these labels are less durable than other types, with a shorter lifespan and sensitivity to environmental factors like heat and light. This makes them ideal for short-term applications, such as labeling perishable goods in bakeries, delis, convenience stores, or for shipping and event tickets.

Are Direct Thermal Labels Waterproof?

While our in-stock direct thermal label options are not waterproof, these can be custom ordered to be waterproof. Order minimums apply.

What Type of Printer Do I Need to Print a Thermal Label Roll?

You must use a direct thermal printer to print a thermal label roll.

Are Direct Thermal Labels Compatible With My Current Label Software?

Direct thermal labels are compatible with a wide range of label software. Contact our team to see if your software is compatible.

How Do I Store Thermal Label Rolls?

You should store thermal label rolls at room temperature in an environment that’s free from moisture, light and chemicals.

How Long Do Direct Thermal Labels Last?

Direct thermal labels last about six months, making them ideal for numerous short-term applications, like pick tickets and labels for perishable goods.

How Do I Remove Direct Thermal Labels?

Our in-stock direct thermal labels feature permanent adhesive and aren’t meant to be removed. Contact us today for a custom quote on removable direct thermal labels. Order minimums apply.

What Type of Ribbon Do I Need to Use With Direct Thermal Labels?

Direct thermal label printers don’t require a ribbon. They use heat to print directly onto the label.

Can I Use Direct Thermal Labels Outdoors?

No. Direct thermal labels are best suited for indoor use.

How Do You Identify A Direct Thermal Vs. Thermal Transfer Label?

Unsure if your label is direct thermal or thermal transfer? The ‘scratch test’ is a quick and easy method to find out. Simply place the label on a flat surface and firmly scratch it with a fingernail or a pen cap. If the label shows black marks, it’s a direct thermal label. If it remains unchanged, it’s a thermal transfer label.

What Causes Direct Thermal Labels to Blacken Upon Scratching?

The distinctive feature of direct thermal labels is their specialized paper coating. This coating contains microcapsules of dye, which react to heat and pressure. When scratched, these capsules rupture, producing a black color. This reaction is the same process used by direct thermal printers to print labels, where heat from the printer head causes these capsules to burst and form images or text.