How to Create a Shipping Label: Your Guide to Making Shipping Labels Properly


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If you’re shipping goods, you need to know how to create a shipping label. Your shipping label is your messenger and guide. It’s an essential part of the process, ensuring your package arrives at the right destination in good time. But how do you create a shipping label properly? Don’t worry — we’re about to demystify this process in our guide to making shipping labels.

The Importance of Proper Shipping Labels

What are shipping labels exactly? Shipping labels are the backbone of a smooth delivery process. They serve as the identification and tracking system for a package, with vital information that guides postal services from point A to point B. Making a shipping label incorrectly could mean your package gets delayed or lost in transit.

What Does a Shipping Label Look Like?

A shipping label is a rich source of information. It includes core components such as:

  • The sender’s and recipient’s names and addresses
  • Package destination
  • Shipping class/service type (priority mail, express, etc.)
  • Shipping label barcode and tracking number
  • The package’s weight and dimensions

These details form the skeleton of every shipping label.

How to Create a Shipping Label: A Step-by-Step Guide

Creating shipping labels doesn’t have to be an arduous task. We’ll take you through the proper steps to ensure your packages reach their destinations without a hitch.

Getting Started: What You’ll Need

Before creating a shipping label, you must have all the proper materials. Your choice of equipment may vary based on your business’s scale and the volume of orders you’ll be shipping. A laser printer works fine for smaller operations, but a thermal transfer or direct thermal printer could be your best bet for larger volumes.

You’ll also need the labels themselves. Although both offer clear and easy-to-scan images, thermal transfer labels are more durable, while direct thermal labels are more affordable and a bit easier to print.

Making Shipping Labels: Detailed Instructions

With all of your materials together, take the following steps to create your shipping label:

  1. Begin by inputting the details we outlined (names, addresses, etc.) into your chosen shipping platform or carrier website.
  2. Follow the prompts to fill out each section accurately, paying particular attention to the shipping label barcode and tracking number.
  3. Once you’ve confirmed all the details are correct, print your label.

With the right tools, making a shipping label is reasonably straightforward.

Shipping Label Requirements: What You Need to Know

It’s essential to meet the necessary shipping label requirements, which may differ by carrier. Most require the pertinent details mentioned above, but there may be additional guidelines, like those that specify size. 4″ x 6″ is the standard shipping label size, but some carriers may have other specifications for varying package sizes.

As an example, USPS® offers a Parcel Labeling Guide that outlines its shipping label requirements, including segments for:

  • Payment & Branding
  • Address & Delivery Info
  • Intelligent Mail Shipping Label Barcode
  • Additional Info

Always check the shipping label requirements for the carrier you intend to use. Failing to meet them can result in your package getting lost, misdelivered or returned to the sender. Be diligent about getting it right the first time to ensure a smooth delivery.

Why Choose Premium Label Supply for Your Shipping Labels

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Together We Can Perfect the Art of Making Shipping Labels

With the proper knowledge and tools, making shipping labels becomes a simple, straightforward task. By following this guide and choosing quality labels from Premium Label Supply, you’ll know how to create a shipping label in no time. Happy shipping!

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